Award of the best fishermen of the year 2021

2021 Fisherman of the Year Awards Ceremony

For more than 25 years, ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER has been identifying the most impressive and largest catches from the waters of the member companies and awarding the “Fisherman of the Year”. This year, the successful winners of 2021 were honored on May 13, 2022 at the Loncium beer hotel in Kötschach-Mauthen. Salmonid Fisherman of the Year […]

Fisherman of the year 2022 wanted!

Ein begeisterter Fischer fischt in den Gewässern der ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER Mitgliedsbetriebe, um bei der Wahl zum/zur Fischer*in des Jahres mitmachen zu können

Take part! As every year, the offer group ADVENTURE FISCHWASSER will again select the fisherman of the year in 2022 and will award the largest or most impressive catches in the categories fly fishing, coarse fish and predatory fish fishing. All anglers who have caught their catch during an ADVENTURE FISH WATER holiday can take […]

NEW: 1=3 in the angler’s paradise of the Styrian Ennstal

Fischer mit dem neuen Ennstal-Fischer-Voucher am Angelhaken

We are pleased to present our new regional cooperation in the Styrian Ennstal and the Ennstal-Fischer-Voucher: For an adventurous and varied fishing holiday, both for fly fishermen and for coarse and predatory fish anglers, the 3 ADVENTURE FISCHWASSER member companies Gasthof Pension Apartments “Zur Gams” , Gasthof Tetter and the Landhotel-Gut Puttererseehof have joined forces […]

Part 6: Sustainable fishing – enjoying nature instead of hunting for size

Conscious enjoyment of nature is particularly important when it comes to sustainable fishing.

When it comes to sustainable fishing, apart from the materials used, it is primarily the mindset of us anglers that we think about tomorrow when we practice our hobby. More conscious enjoyment of nature, less record hunting and size hunting not only helps the environment, but also the image of us anglers in public. After […]

Part 4: Sustainable fishing – food: with measure and aim

Boilies are particularly nutritious and therefore use them in moderation.

Responsible anglers also consider the moderate use of feed. Boilies for example, are extremely nutritious compared to natural foods. So-called High-Nutritional-Value (HNV) varieties are the increase level. If the water temperature is too low, these are actually a danger for fish, because digestion simply cannot keep up. Food: It depends on the dose Excessive amounts […]

Part 3: Sustainable fishing – rubber baits in sight

The use of rubber baits is not particularly sustainable.

Part 2 of our “Sustainable Fishing” series was devoted to taking fish independently. In this post, we are now supplementing the topic with information about the use of rubber baits and what alternatives are available here … Soft bait fans know it: the chemical scent that escapes from the bait is not a pleasure. After […]

Part 1: Sustainable fishing – think about tomorrow while fishing

Sustainable fishing means acting responsibly as a complete package

Sustainable fishing is also becoming more and more important on fishing holidays. ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER has a partner Fish ahoy asked for a few tips and hints how each of us can think about tomorrow while fishing or on our next fishing vacation. After all, sustainable fishing is not just about renouncing lead, rubber and fish […]

Part 2: Sustainable fishing – fish removal

Anglers must ensure that they are responsible for removing fish themselves.

in the 1st part of our news series “Sustainable fishing” we have given some important reasons why Sustainable fishing currently plays such an important and indispensable role plays. We would like to go into more detail on the topic of responsible fish removal. It is in the Angler’s responsibility to weigh every catch with regard […]

RECIPE: Carinthian catfish with herb pesto and Mediterranean mashed potatoes

RECIPE: Carinthian catfish

In this article you can expect a particularly delicious fish recipe from the Carinthian ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER member company Family sports hotel Brennseehof (Recommended by the hotel’s chef: Christopher Uxa): Carinthian catfish with herb pesto and Mediterranean mashed potatoes. We wish you all the best! INGREDIENTS: Catfish fillet approx. 150g per serving White onion Sun-dried tomatoes […]