Fishing permit


Anyone who spends their fishing holiday in Austria should know that fishing is a matter for the federal states. This means that each of the nine Austrian federal states regulates its own law in the so-called state fisheries law. In terms of content, these differ greatly from one another in terms of conditions, closed periods and dimensions. The minimum age in Salzburg and Upper Austria is 12 years, in Styria, Carinthia, Tyrol, Lower Austria and Vienna 14 years and in Burgenland 18 years.

The legal requirement for fishing in every state is having an official fishing license Fishing card or fishing guest card (for guests from abroad). Fischer guest cards are valid for a maximum of four weeks from the date of issue. They cost between € 5 and € 25. Sometimes you have to buy a weekly ticket (e.g. Carinthia), usually a flat-rate ticket (e.g. Upper Austria). The holder of a fishing guest card must always have a valid official photo ID with them.

In addition to the official guest card, a license (fishing permit) for the respective body of water is required. There are day, week, month, night fishing permits, etc. You can get fishing guest cards and licenses from the member companies of ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER directly in the accommodation. Here you are also happy to inform you about the area, closed seasons, dimensions, minimum age, guides, etc.


Guests who spend their fishing holiday in South Tyrol need one Fishing license . This can be purchased (minimum age 8 years) and is valid for 10 years. In addition, every angler needs a fishing water day pass. This is available directly from ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER’s accommodation, where you will also be informed about the area and all your questions answered. It is also important to bring a valid official photo ID (passport, driver’s license …) that corresponds to the fishing license.

Please be considerate of nature

In addition to the official requirements, there is also another point that is very important to us and all fishing enthusiasts: a sensitive approach to nature. Fishing means experiencing nature, the water, the landscape and the vegetation on the edge of the river intensely. The change of seasons, different types of weather and also the different types of water make fishing a new and unique experience every day.

Only if we see ourselves as part of the ecosystem and treat it with respect, will we sustainably enjoy intact nature and staying in a fishing water. Such respect must be passed on to the next generation – so that fishing and enjoying nature go hand in hand in the years to come.