When the little ones go hunting for big fish …

Just go to the shore, cast out the fishing rod and let’s have fun?
Unfortunately, it is not that easy even on a fishing holiday. Certain rules also apply to children when they tackle the fishing adventure professionally.

Please accompany

The age from which children are allowed to fish and fish on their own in the individual (federal) states varies. Usually supervision by an adult with a valid fishing license is mandatory up to the age of 14.

Fishing card for kids

The age at which children need their own fishing license is different depending on the federal state, as is supervision by an accompanying person. To get such a fishing license, the kids have to take a fishing exam. The responsible district administration will then issue the card itself. In addition to the successfully passed exam, a declaration of consent from the parent or guardian, an official photo ID, a photo and a registration slip for issuing the fishing permit must also be brought with you.