The green heart of Austria as a fisherman’s Eldorado.

Styria is considered the green heart in the south-east of Austria. Almost 90 percent of the federal state are green areas, which are crossed by Alpine ridges. Overall, Styria offers a wonderful variety of landscapes: from the high alpine glacier to the Mediterranean wine region, plus good mountain air, a mild climate and a large selection of fishing waters. On a fishing holiday in Styria, fishermen can unwind and cast their line in ponds, lakes, clear streams and clean rivers. The rich fish stock allows fishing for grayling, char, brown and rainbow trout as well as huchen.

And what further distinguishes a fishing holiday in Styria is the proverbial Styrian cosiness and the delicious cuisine. Styria is considered a real pleasure country and, in addition to the well-known pumpkin seed oil, is particularly attractive with delicious wines – which, by the way, can also be excellently combined with freshly prepared fish.

Our member companies in Styria

Gasthof Pension Apartments “Zur Gams” *** S

Territory: A total of seven bodies of water are available: 32 km of flowing water and three ponds with a total of twelve hectares.
Duration: Brown trout, char, rainbow trout, eel rod and huchen.

Landhotel-Gut Puttererseehof

Territory: Putterersee (13 hectare moor lake), Gulling (Mountain stream), Hofer Lohe (Altarm of the Enns, for carp specialists) and Enns (leisurely flowing water).
Duration: Pike, pikeperch, catfish, eel, perch, tench, wild carp

Gasthof Tetter

Territory: Untertalbach (= about 7 km long fly fishing route, which winds like a meander), Riesachsee ( 17 hectares in size, at 1,330 m above sea level)
Stock:brook trout and brown trout