Experience and relaxation at “Petri Heil” in Carinthia – the moated castle of the Alps awaits you!

Forget everyday life, enjoy natural idyll and tranquility. We recommend fishing in the Hohe Tauern National Park for those who like to experience these special moments while fishing in the crystal clear water.

The largest national park in Central Europe includes areas of the federal states of Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol. Since 2018, the Carinthian part of the national park has been a member of the fishing water adventure group. Its crystal-clear waters are an intact habitat for the abundance of species of fish – and a true fishermen’s paradise.

Drau and Möll – an Eldorado for fly fishermen

All around Heiligenblut, in the waters of Obere Möll, Untere Möll and Gössnitzbach, are – brook trout, char, rainbow trout and grayling . In the middle of the Mölltal, in the municipal area of Stall, fly fishermen who cast their lines for trout and grayling get their money’s worth. Brown trout, rain trout and lake trout as well as grayling bite in the 16 hectare Gössnitz lake.

The district of Obervellach consists of a total of 18 kilometers of Möll River and four kilometers of Teuchlbach. It is especially attractive to fly fishermen.

In addition to rainbow trout and brown trout, white fish, grayling, tench and noses , the Drau river has a real specialty: the huchen is located in the Drau. Although it cannot be found anywhere else in Central Europe. The Drau offers all the conditions that anglers appreciate: from beautiful sandbanks, gravel and stone banks to brook rivers. The newly activated tributaries are an insider tip, especially in spring and autumn .

The Hohe Tauern National Park – fishing in the moated castle of the Alps

The national park is one of the most impressive high mountain landscapes on earth and is also known as the ” moated castle of the Alps “. With 342 ice fields in Tyrol, Carinthia and Salzburg, it has the largest glacier areas in the Eastern Alps.

Of the total of 279 mountain streams , 57 are fed by these glaciers. Its network covers over 1,000 kilometers in the three federal states. The journey of water in roaring mountain streams sometimes ends in one of over 500 mountain lakes . Precious jewels that rest and sparkle in the high mountain landscape.

Detailed information about the area incl. Stock, fishing time and ticket sales can be found in the REVIERINFO box at our member companies.

Information about fishing on the Carinthian side of the Hohe Tauern National Park can be found here.

Experience and relaxation go hand in hand in the Alps.

The Hohe Tauern National Park is an experience per se for every nature-loving person: 1,856 km 2 of untouched nature, home to 3,500 plant and 15,000 animal species.

Around 4,300 kilometers of trails are available to hikers and mountaineers. Once at the top, the endless sea of 300 peaks inspires again and again. You can learn to be amazed again on tours with one of the 36 national park rangers or in one of the four visitor centers.