Sustainable fishing is also becoming more and more important on fishing holidays. ABENTEUER FISCHWASSER has a partner Fish ahoy asked for a few tips and hints how each of us can think about tomorrow while fishing or on our next fishing vacation. After all, sustainable fishing is not just about renouncing lead, rubber and fish extraction, but acting responsibly as an overall package.

There are many reasons why sustainable fishing currently plays such an important role plays. In the last few decades, the rivers have been particularly hard hit: power stations, dams and river regulations have unfortunately decimated fish stocks, as many species, such as the huchen, migrate up the rivers to spawn. The difficult-to-overcome power plants as barriers make natural reproduction difficult. 

Likewise, barrages create lake-like structures that are avoided by current-loving fish species such as nasal or barbel.

Stocks of brown trout and rainbow trout are at a minimum

Especially in smaller rivers there are fish-eating predators such as cormorants, otters, goosanders and herons, which are protected in many places and are not allowed to be hunted. The natural stocks of brown and rainbow trout are noticeably reduced in many areas.

Given that, may every angler can decide for himself whether he remove every fish caught would like to, even if it has exceeded the Brittel Maß and was caught outside of the closed season.

You will find all further information on sustainable fish extraction in our next news article on the topic “Part 2: Sustainable fishing – fish extraction” .

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