The brook, which is 1,100 m above sea level, paves its original path in countless loops, which are known in technical terms as meanders. It is surrounded by completely intact, untouched nature and is located in the protected UNESCO biosphere park. With its crystal clear water, the Longa is a paradise for fly fishermen and a fishing holiday in the Alps, and it has even been voted one of the most beautiful places in Austria.

An insider tip for fly fishermen

The area is a 5 kilometer fly only route. Depending on the snow conditions, the fishing season starts at the beginning of June, the water level is ideal from around mid-June and closes from mid to late October. It should be noted that fly fishing is only allowed with protective hooks without additional weighting and that no live bait may be used. 4 fish per day, max. 2 trout to be taken. The fishing time starts at sunrise and ends at sunset.

Optimal fishing water for beginners

Ice-cold, crystal-clear water and a natural stream bed await the fly fishermen on the Longa. Regarding the characteristics of the water, it can be said that the Longa flows slowly through this wonderful valley with different flow speeds. The gentle and calm sections in particular are perfect for dry fishing. Those who long for a special nature experience will certainly get their money’s worth in this beautiful fishing water. The area is a hidden paradise, completely untouched by humans. In the lower area, the Longa is largely inaccessible due to its depth. But there is enough space to cast optimally from the bank. As a “beginner” I can only warmly recommend this water!

Brown trout in the Longa
The Longa is home to beautiful (and also very large) salmonids.


Beautiful salmonids

Also ideal for beginners because you are guaranteed to catch fish and what better motivator is there! The water is crystal clear and you can see the fish very well even as a layman with polar glasses. These are plentiful. The stream has an excellent wild fish population, which is mainly composed of brown and rainbow trout as well as grayling and brook trout. The average size of the fish is around 30 cm. Recently my son, two fishing friends and I went fishing there for a day and each of us landed more than 10 salmonids. It’s really fun!

Perfect area for dry fishing

The fish are very shy due to the crystal clear water and I therefore recommend smaller leader sizes. We also fished with thinner leader sizes (0.12 mm). The rod lengths and line classes should be adapted to the stream conditions. So 7 – 9 foot rods with line classes # 3/4 are ideal. All common ones can be used for dry flies. Small gray dry flies and smaller, dark “tungsten nymphs” are particularly popular. However, every single fish is hard-earned or hiked here as well. For this you catch beautiful, wonderfully drawn and above all “wild” salmonids.

The chalet village of Fanningberg for the perfect fishing holiday

The adventure fishing water member company “Chaletdorf Fanningberg” offers ideal conditions for a fishing holiday. It is 1,500 meters above sea level in the middle of the Fanningberg ski area , surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery of the Salzburg Lungau.

The chalet village is run by the family business Palffy, whose boss Tanja emphasizes the closeness to nature and the excellent service for fishing vacationers: “Every week we shuttle our guests to our alpine area in the Weißpriach valley with the picturesque Wirpitschsee, one of over 60 mountain lakes in the region”. The lake is a perfect opportunity to use various fishing techniques to lure trout or char on a hook or bait. The sense of achievement is guaranteed, as are the relaxing hours while fishing. The catch is then placed in the pan in the chalet village of Fanningberg – or in the hut’s own smoking oven.

Chaletdorf Fanningberg

Fish and family

The modern and spacious chalets and apartments, furnished in the alpine Lungau style, offer an oasis of retreat and time out, but also play and space for the whole family. The chalet village also offers wellness such as a sauna, barrel sauna, hot tub and sleeping in the hay as well as a barbecue area for a cozy get-together. A beautiful natural biotope is also a place to relax for everyone who wants to relax in between. A wonderful fishing holiday for passionate anglers with family can be combined well. It is tailor-made for this Package deal “fish and family” .

© Text and photos: Michael Plakolb, Chaletdorf Fanningberg