Fishing a new vacation experience

Sitting alone in a fishing boat on a tranquil alpine lake or standing on the bank of a fresh spring river – that’s when your thoughts learn to fly! Fishing has become a very popular leisure activity in recent years, which you can ideally try out on holiday. The hotels of the Adventure Fish Water offer group offer the perfect conditions for this with special taster and beginner courses, which are also being requested by more and more women and interested parties of all age groups.

Finally in peace on the water

Most important for most anglers is the tranquility in an untouched landscape. Away from everyday (office) life and being able to indulge in your own thoughts undisturbed in nature. You don’t need a cell phone and the online connection is not important either. The integrated camera could already have its meaning, because one would like to document a possible Holy Savior! For a real fisherman, the prey is of course worth striving for, but not the most important thing.

Given the abundance of fish in the Austrian and South Tyrolean territories, it is also very likely that the right bite will take place. Then the tranquility is (temporarily) over, because then it is important to actually bring the prey to the shore. One thing remains to be revealed: many fishermen use the “catch and release” method. That means something like: no harm is done to the fish. How it works? That too has to be learned! There are “gentle hoes” – which do not damage the fish and in this case the fish only serves as a one-time photo model on the bank, then it is carefully put back into the cool water.

Fishing taster courses

Would you like to try out this hobby yourself? Many of our adventure fishing water companies offer trial courses where you can learn the basics. Previous knowledge and equipment are not necessary. With a beginner’s package, you get an experienced fisherman who is happy to teach you the basic rules of fishing – both in theory and in practice. The necessary equipment (rod, bait, …) is provided. What you should bring yourself is simple and logical: a hat, sun protection and sturdy shoes.

This way to the fishing course specialists!

Holy salvation!