ADVENTURE FISCHWASSER makes it possible – finally there is a very special beer for passionate fishermen and beer drinkers, which was created in cooperation with the beer manufacturer LONCIUM. The refreshing barley juice is the ideal supplement or the perfect end to a long and successful day of fishing.

The LONIUM beer factory started a few years ago in grandma’s soup pot and has since grown into one of the most innovative and “craftiest” microbreweries in Austria. Right from the start, it was particularly important to the two founders Klaus Feistritzer and Alois Planner to give the beer that certain something that distinguishes the beer from other beers and at the same time to pursue an honest art of brewing with a good philosophy.

The beer specialties have already won national and international awards. The production facility is located in the middle of Austria’s first Slow Food Travel Region. It is brewed according to the German Purity Law, with the best raw materials and our own source.

No pleasure is temporary; because the impression he leaves behind is lasting.

Goethe (Motto der Biermanufaktur LONCIUM)
The ADVENTURE FISHWATER beer, brewed by the Loncium beer manufacturer.


The ADVENTURE FISCHWATER beer is an organic light beer brewed in the Bavarian style with 100% organic aroma hops and organic malting barley and an alcohol content of 4.9%. Finely sparkling in the initial taste, sparkling, slightly fruity and dry in the finish. The only filtered beer in the Loncium range.

The aroma of the bottom-fermented beer is slightly reminiscent of malt, straw and hay – typically classic and down-to-earth. The taste can be described as tasty, mild, grassy with a subtle fruit aroma and sweet with a slightly tart finish.

Poultry specialties, guinea fowl, vegetables, boiled fillet, pasta dishes and of course fish.
With a shot of Aperol, the beer is also ideal as an aperitif.

The beer is exclusively available in selected ABENTEUER FISCHWATER member establishments: