in the 1st part of our news series “Sustainable fishing” we have given some important reasons why Sustainable fishing currently plays such an important and indispensable role plays.

We would like to go into more detail on the topic of responsible fish removal.

It is in the Angler’s responsibility to weigh every catch with regard to taste buds. The varieties between “cooking pot anglers” and pure catch-and-release are diverse. A strong, born and raised in the district Brown trout provides a valuable basis for the next generations of trout.

Relief of the wild fish population through stocking

Stocking measures are carried out in many fishing areas, but scientists are controversial about their usefulness: some see stocking as a support for threatened stocks, while others see it as a threat to the genetics of wild fish stocks. Tribes that evolve well adapted to a body of water are mixed with genes from farmed fish, reducing their chances of survival.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle and the situation must individually rated for each body of water will. Because there is no silver bullet for all rivers and streams. One possibility, for example, is to only stock sterilized rainbow trout so that they can “Relieve” the wild fish population , but cannot cross with this one.

More on the subject of “Sustainable Fishing”

Would you like more information about sustainable fishing? In our next news post “Sustainable fishing – soft baits” You can expect input on soft baits and sustainable alternatives and you will learn what else you need to consider in this regard.

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